What Obama’s Visit To Cuba Might Mean For Luxury Yacht Charters

What Obama’s Visit To Cuba Might Mean For Luxury Yacht Charters

With relations between America and Cuba expected to significantly improve following Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba this week, we could well see the island become a popular luxury charter destination.

Marking the end of ninety years of tension, Obama’s meeting with president Raul Castro initiated what is believed to be the first positive conversation the two neighbours have enjoyed in almost a century.

Whilst it might seem a little premature to talk about the charter market when there’s still so much diplomacy to be finalised, already agencies are using the talks as an opportunity to promote event charters.

Indeed, an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal the day after Obama’s arrival was keen to point out how chartering around Havana is an ideal way of entertaining prospective clients.

Anticipating a rise of charters in Cuba, such agencies certainly emphasize why visiting the island in either sailing yacht or motor yacht is the best way to experience its charms.

Whilst vessels have been visiting in increasing numbers throughout the Obama administration, a greater diplomatic arrangement will no doubt strengthen the economy and infrastructure of the yachting industry in the region.

With relations with the US looking likely to improve, there’s no reason to suggest that such a revived interest in Cuban charters couldn’t take place over the next few years.

With sequestered beaches, a wealth of history, and plenty of premier restaurants, Cuba has all the makings of an exceptional charter destination

For sunbathers, there’s the 200 mile stretch of beaches in the Archipelago del Rey which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the worldly there’s the vibrant culture, and for everyone in between there’s all the attractions commonly associated with the Caribbean.

Specific to Cuba, both the car culture and cigar culture are unlike any other, and are two attractions which continue to bring out the most discerning of visitors.

As the meetings between Obama and Castro continue throughout the week, YCF will keep readers up to date with any of the policies which are likely to determine the charter market in Cuba.

In order to make further enquiries into a charter in Cuba, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all luxury yachts in Cuba.

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