Visit the World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes by luxury Yacht Charter

Visit the World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes by Yacht Charter

The BBC recently selected 15 of the best landscapes and rock formations found across the globe – ranging from rocky peaks sculpted over millions of years, to underwater sinkholes which plunge to huge depths – nearly all of which could be the platform for an eye-opening charter itinerary.

Offering breath-taking beauty and insight into the world’s history, find out more about where to plan a charter of discovery below.

visit the blue hole for scuba diving on a belize luxury yacht charter in central america

Belize: The Great Blue Hole

At 320m wide and 125m deep, the mystery of the Belize Barrier Reef’s ‘Great Blue Hole’ makes it all the more enchanting when on a charter yacht equipped with the best scuba diving equipment. Formed due to glaciation when sea levels were considerably lower, this World Heritage Site is thought to date back over 150,000 years ago. Home to the Caribbean reef shark and Midnight Parrotfish and large stalactites and stalagmites, the underwater caves have rightfully earned ‘bucket-list’ status amongst most. Still not convinced about a superyacht charter in Central America? The Great Blue Hole was also names one of the one of the world’s top ten scuba diving sited in the world by none other than Jacques Cousteau.

travel to ha long bay on a vietnam luxury yacht charter

Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

They may appear as if pieces of imperfectly-formed limestone rocks dotted in the ocean, but the emerald green-topped peaks of Ha Long Bay have been shaped by its tropical climate for over 500 million years. Made up of around 2000 untouched islands and islets, this piece of paradise offers secret caves and towering arches patiently waiting exploration. Experience something new and choose a Vietnam luxury yacht charter and put Quảng Ninh Province at the top of your itinerary.

see the chocolate hills in the Philippines on luxury yacht charter in southeast asia

The Philippines: Chocolate Hills

The aptly-named conical Chocolate Hills of the Bohol Province of the Philippines are usually green, yet in dry seasons the 1,250-1750 hills turn a shade of deep-brown. So-loved by the locals that they feature on the provincial flag of Bohol, in 1988 they were declared a Philippines’ third National Geological Monument. A Philippines superyacht charter offers the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the Chocolate Hills up close, as well as absorb the captivating culture of South East Asia, steeped in history.

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