VIDEO: What's it like Water-Skiing behind a 65-metre Superyacht?

For most, the thrill of water-skiing ranks alongside the experience of driving a sports car or paragliding - it is no wonder it such a popular activity amongst guests on a luxury yacht charter. In the incredible footage above the adrenaline-fueled experience of water-skiing behind a superyacht measuring 65 metres is shared.

In the video, a 1,400-tonne luxury yacht with 6,000hp power is seen pulling the charter guest at a speed of 16 knots in the French Riviera

Providing the quintessential watersports experience and unrivalled fun, water-skiing is easier to learn than surfing but presents more of a challenge than hopping on a jet-ski. It is no wonder water-skis are found on approximately half of the vessels of the global charter fleet. 

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Providing the quintessential watersports experience and unrivalled fun


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