VIDEO: Make the Ocean your Playground with the C-Explorer 3 Submarine

Get up close to ancient shipwrecks and meet the local marine life from the comfort of an easy-to-control submarine with the C-Explorer 3, the latest innovation from U-Boat Worx.

Depths of up to 300 metres can be explored from the C-Explorer 3 submersible, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2015. The 3-person submarine boasts an impressive 16 hours of endurance, equipped with a fully acrylic pressure hull with a top-hatch and air conditioning system.

Arguably one of the most versatile submersibles to accompany a superyacht, she is well suited to either scientific research or a leisurely visit to untouched underwater lands. With the ability to carry tools including HD cameras, high-intensity lights, magnetometers, bottom profilers and manipulator arms.

The easy control navigation of the vessel is highlighted above, which travels below the surface at a comfortably speed of 3 knots. Pilot and observer can enjoy the sights of the sea from a comfortable seating, ensuring their only concern is where they are going to discover next.

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The 3-person submarine boasts an impressive 16 hours of endurance