Tyson Fury Offered $120M To Face Wladimir Klitschko On A Private Superyacht

Tyson Fury Offered $120M To Face Wladimir Klitschko On A Private Superyacht

Famously outspoken, the reigning champion hinted that an offer for his rematch has come from the owner of a high capacity motor yacht.

Unafraid of talking a big game, the recently crowned heavyweight champion Tyson Fury revealed last week that he’d been offered $120m to fight Wladimir Klitschko on a superyacht.

As part of the contract signed before their previous fight, the former reigning champion added a clause that in the event of a defeat to Fury, he would be entitled to a rematch.

With no confirmed venue in place, speculation has been rife amongst the sporting community as to where the highly anticipated fight will take place.

Stoking the flames last week, Fury told reporters that he had been approached by the owner of an unnamed superyacht to compete on board his vessel in return for an incredibly generous payday.

With so many superyachts boasting hugely voluminous interiors, it’s easy to imagine a ring situated in the center with guests enjoying the fight in unparalleled luxury.

Speaking with the Mirror, Fury revealed how: ‘a sheikh in Dubai, who owned a yacht which he could fit 120 people on, said he could sell 120 tickets at $1m each, so that would have been $120m’.

Whilst such an arrangement would have given the owner exclusive viewing rights, there’s no question that it would have made for a highly exciting event.

Although no owner has come forward to confirm the story, yachts which could comfortably host the event would be M/Y DUBAI or perhaps M/Y AZZAM.


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