Top 10 Yachts in Movies

The ultimate statement of luxury, superyachts have played a starring role in many iconic films – ranging from a villain’s vessel, the party boat of a millionaire to a futuristic way of transport.

As the leading man of style, gadgets, charisma and most importantly, cool transport, a whole blog could be dedicated to fifty years of incredible James Bond motorboats and superyachts – 4 of the best have made the list.

For those viewers who have watched superyachts in films and wished you knew more, the following Top 10 will answer those questions – some you could even be so lucky to charter!

Sketch of superyacht WALLYPOWER 118 featured in The IslandThe Island superyacht WALLYPOWER 118 travelling at speed in the ocean
The Island superyacht WALLYPOWER 118 travelling at speed in the ocean
Front view of WALLYPOWER118 from The Island:

1. WALLPOWER 118 in 'The Island' (2005) 

When award-winning 36m luxury motor yacht ‘WALLYPOWER 118’ was delivered in 2002, she redefined the boundaries of yacht design. Narrow and angular with a striking dark glass housing, reaching speeds of 60 knots (70 mph) thanks to three gas turbines and a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet, she was the perfect choice to star as 'Renovatio' in Michael Bay’s sci fi movie about a utopian future alongside Ewan McGregor. Playing clone Lincoln Six Echo, his character sketches the yacht which is imprinted in his memory. See her in action in 'The Island' here

Truly emphasising the ‘super’ in ‘superyacht,’ her metallic dark green exterior changes colour depending on environment and her deck boasts a secret crane and tender compartment. Internationally recognised as a masterpiece, 6 guests can enjoy museum-worthy superyacht WALLYPOWER 118 - she is on the market for $33 million.

This yacht is dedicated to speed and partying. Both to the maximum possible extent.

Luca Bassani, President, Wally Yachts

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill partying on superyacht LADY M in The Wolf of Wall Street
Superyacht LADY M starred in The Wolf of Wall Street

2. LADY M in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' (2013) 

A film of decadence and everything in excess, superyacht ‘LADY M’ (ex. Acquasition) fortunately does not sink, unlike her other superyacht co-star. With the Scorcese seal of approval, refitted (2011) LADY M stole the show as the setting for Learnardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort throwing money at FBI agents and wild parties. 

The epitome of glamour, 44m LADY M boasts a marble floors, a baby grand piano and a gourmet kitchen and transatlantic range for luxury cruising. Up to 10 guests can unwind in her 5 elegantly styled staterooms, her master suite features its own luxurious private lounge. Charter motor yacht LADY M in Florida and The Bahamas and throw a party to rival the ‘wolf’ of Wall Street himself on her vast sundeck complete with wet bar and Jacuzzi.

Superyacht KINGDOM 5KR featuring in Never Say Never Againsuperyacht kingdom 5kr from 'never say never again' in the ocean
superyacht kingdom 5kr from 'never say never again' anchored at shore
front view of kingdom 5kr from 'never say never again'

3. KINGDOM 3KR in 'Never Say Never Again' (1983)

Sean Connery said he would never return as special agent 007, yet in 1983 he returned to investigate the theft of two nuclear weapons by SPECTRE to the approval of James Bond fans everywhere  – especially those with a keen eye for Benetti yachts who enjoyed the appearance of 86m superyacht ‘KINGDOM 5KR’. See the most expensive yacht of her time steal the show in 'Never Say Never Again's' trailer here at 1.15 min. The villain’s mobile HQ, named the 'Flying Saucer,' was designed by the legendary John Bannenberg and built in 1980.

Following the film, the yacht was bought by Donald Trump for $29 million who retrofitted her and renamed 'Trump Princess.' Motor yacht KINGDOM 5KR would later be sold to a Saudi billionaire for $40 million in 1991, and renamed after his favourite number and children’s initials. She boasts 5 decks featuring a disco, a huge cinema, helipad and 11 lavish staterooms that can sleep 22 guests in the utmost luxury.

Superyacht HELIOS 2 featuring in Syriana
Superyacht HELIOS 2 from 'Syriana' cruising in the ocean

4. HELIOS 2 in 'Syriana' (2005)

Custom motor yacht ‘HELIOS 2’ (ex. Anson Bell), made an unforgettable appearance in Syriana alongside George Clooney and Matt Damon in the Oscar winning political drama. At 51m, her aluminium hull, superstructure and ultra-modern stabilization system built by Palmer Johnson ensured actors on board experienced comfortable cruising. She also helped depict the luxurious lifestyle of vastly wealthy Middle East Princes in the film. Superyacht HELIOS 2, extensively refitted in 2006, can sleep up to 12 guests in a stunning master suite, two double staterooms and two twin cabins.

Sunseeker Predator superyacht M3 featured in Casino Royale with Daniel CraigSunseeker Predator superyacht M3, from Casino Royale, travelling at speed in the ocean
Sunseeker Predator superyacht M3's main saloon features fine leather and rich wood
Interior of Sunseeker Predator M3

5. M3 in 'Casino Royale' (2006) 

The luxury motor yacht M3 raced onto our screens in 2006 with a high speed of 43 knots. Film producers spent three months replicating full-scale sets of Sunseeker Predator 108’s deck saloon, aft cockpit and master suite to the very smallest detail which then travelled to Prague and reassembled on a huge hydraulic platform to simulate the ocean’s waves. Scenes featuring her stunning exterior were filmed on location in the Bahamas.

Built in 2004, motor yacht M3 is the quintessential Predator build, with a narrow hull and minimal superstructure excellent performance on the waves. At 32m, M3 sleeps up to 8 guests in four cabins including a master suite, VIP stateroom and two twin cabins. Her timeless, comfy interior offers ultimate relaxation to guests on board, who can enjoy several AV systems, her spa pool and a huge range of watertoys – enough luxury for James Bond villain Le Chiffre himself.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) on Wombosi's superyacht WHITE KNIGHT in The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon was filmed on superyacht WHITE KNIGHT

6. WHITE KNIGHT in 'The Bourne Identity' (2002) 

In 2002, audiences flocked to see the first in the movie adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne book trilogy. With edge-of-your seat action, the espionage thriller did not disappoint and a particular highlight was the part played by the extraordinary 46m superyacht ‘WHITE KNIGHT’ in the narrative. Bourne sneaks on to assassination target Wombosi's yacht but at the last minute fails to carry out his misson. 

Extensively refitted in 2010, WHITE KNIGHT is rated as one of the best classic displacement yachts available for charter in the Mediterranean and Greece. Custom built in 1985, the ultra-luxurious yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in 8 stunning staterooms, comprising of one master suite, two VIP suites, one double cabin and two twin cabins. Guests on motor yacht WHITE KNIGHT can enjoy al fresco dining, luxurious modern styling and entertaining guests on her lavish teak deck. A charter vacation on this yacht from the big screen is definitely a trip to tell all your friends about. 

Pierce Brosnan filming Goldeneye on superyacht NORTHERN CROSSSuperyacht NORTHERN CROSS, from Goldeneye starring Pierce Brosnon, at shore in Europe
Main saloon of superyacht NORTHERN CROSS, featured in Goldeneye

7. NORTHERN CROSS in Goldeneye (1995)

‘Golden Eye,’ widely considered the best of Pierce Brosnan’s turns as 007 features Bond preventing a global financial meltdown by stopping a satellite weapon pointing at London. The film was took Bond into the modern age, helped by the role of a 43m superyacht ‘NORTHERN CROSS.’ She starred as the iconic vessel, 'Manticore,' where femme fatale Xenia (played by Famke Janssen) and her Canadian Admiral resided.

With a contemporary and stylish interior featuring 6 staterooms that sleep up to 12 guests, she is located in Scandinavia and currently cruises the Baltic Sea and stunning archipelegos of Finland and Sweden. You have the suit, the time piece and the supercar; why not charter the genuine James Bond yacht next?

Timothy Dalton parachutes onto deck of superyacht MOONMAIDEN II in The Living Daylights
Superyacht MOONMAIDEN II from The Living Daylights cruises the Mediterranean

8. MOONMAIDEN II in 'The Living Daylights' (1987) 

Memorably, Timothy Dalton parachuted onto her in the opening credits of 'The Living Daylights' (see featured video at 1.53 min) – 39m motor yacht ‘MOONMAIDEN II’ (ex. YILDIZ 10) is a spectacular superyacht. Built in 1975, by Beykoz shipyard her timeless design has been excellently maintaining since becoming world renown. She can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 spacious double cabins. MOONMAIDEN II is an inviting combination of the classic style of the Bond era with the state of the art technology of the modern age from her latest refit. If her sundeck is good enough for James Bond to use as a landing pad, superyacht MOONMAIDEN II’s sundeck is probably good enough for you to enjoy Caribbean and Mediterranean sunshine from on your next charter vacation

 Donnie Brasco superyacht R RENDEVOUZ cruising in EuropeJohnny Depp as Donnie Brasco walking to superyacht R RENDEVOUZ
Johnny Depp sat on superyacht R RENDEVOUZ in Donnie Brasco
Johnny Depp on R RENDEVOUZ in Donnie Brasco

9. R RENDEVOUZ in Donnie Brasco (1997)

The setting for the film’s famous arrest scene, 34m motor yacht ‘R RENDEVOUZ’ was pivotal to the unravelling of this legendary crime drama starring Al Pacino. Based in real life events, the 'Left Hand' was the centre of key drama as Johnny’ Depp stars as Donnie Brasco, trying desperately not to be discovered as a secret FBI agent infiltrating the Mafia.

Delivered by Christensen in 1992, her GRP hull and superstructure and classically designed interior make her a standout vessel that has stood the test of time. Superyacht R RENDEVOUZ can comfortably sleep up to 6 guests in three cabins and features a large sundeck with a Jacuzzi.

Filming Entourge movie on superyacht USHER
Superyacht USHER cruising before being used to film Entourage movie

10. USHER in 'Entourage' (2015) 

One for the future to round off the Top 10 yachts in movies. Set to be released soon, the follow-up movie four years after the hugely successful 8 series of Entourage ended chose 47m award-winning superyacht USHER (ex. Mr. Terrible) as the epitome of the lifestyle of Vincent Chase and his crew. Delivered in 2007, she offers both luxury amenities and vast space to create the perfect atmosphere for Entourage-style partying. USHER boasts a Jacuzzi on her lavish sundeck and an elevator for guests to travel from place to place with ease.

Built using lightweight materials, motor yacht USHER offers flawless performance on the waves as well as a Polynesian paradise inside. Motor yacht USHER can sleep up to 12 guests in 5 cabins, including a master suite, four double staterooms and two Pullman berths. The world is anticipating what will be the biggest and best Entourage party yet, and you could even live the dream and charter the Entourage yacht in the Bahamas, Carribean and Florida. 


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