Superyacht AT LAST waterslide

The Best Charter Toys for Summer 2014

Every luxury charter yacht features its own hand-picked selection of watertoys, each of which can offer charter guests unforgettable experiences above and below the waterline.  With the charter industry constantly evolving, superyachts are including increasingly exciting additions to their tender garages, here are some of the best that you can expect to see this summer:

Woman on a flyboard
Man on a flyboard while a friend watches from a jet ski
A flyboard attached to the feet of a participant

One of the latest and most exciting new additions to the global charter market, the Flyboard is the ultimate luxury yacht toy for water-sports enthusiasts.  The must-have toy features a personal water jet pack that allows guests to ‘fly’ more than 30’ above the water at maximum speeds of over 30mph, offering an exhilarating sensation of freedom.  A few hours practice on the water can result in some impressive tricks and manoeuvres, from dolphin dives to somersaults.  Motor yacht Barents Sea is one of the first superyachts to offer this toy to their charter guests.

Charter yacht LAZY Z at anhor with her water slide

Inflatable Water Slides 
They’ve been around for a few years now but inflatable yacht water slides have become a staple of the superyacht water toy line-up. While at anchor, the slides are attached to the top deck of the superyacht and reach down into the ocean, offering charter guests of all ages fun, carefree days at sea. Charter yacht LAZY Z pioneered the craze with first waterslide on the charter market which contributed to her receiving the “2011 Water Sports Charter Yacht of the Year” from Superyacht World.

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Tender garage on superyacht Exuma where the car is stored
Exuma's amphibious car in the water
Exuma's amphibious car driving on beach

Amphibious Tenders
Offering both practicality and a hint of James Bond-style charm, amphibious superyacht tenders enable charter guests to travel from water to land without any special help to get it out of the water, making it perfect for exploration ashore. A number of charter yachts have added these cutting-edge toys to their tender garages including the 50m/164’ expedition yacht EXUMA which now boasts a custom-built amphibious jeep for sea-to-land adventure. The 44m/144.36ft BERZINC meanwhile offers a sleek 8.5m sports car inspired amphibious tender complete with racing stripes.

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Superyacht Submarine by Triton
Black military-style sumbarine on board charter yacht PEGASO
Branson's Necker Nymph

Superyacht Submarines
Arguably the most impressive charter yacht toy on the market is a private submarine. These can range from relatively small submersibles made by Triton to fully-equipped underwater exploration vessels. The stunning 73m/240’ expedition yacht NAIA features the largest submarine on the charter fleet, a magnificent black five person vessel for the complete underwater experience in absolute comfort.  Richard Branson's superyacht NECKER BELLE offers the Necker Nymph, a three person underwater scuba craft.

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Blow-up water park available on charter yachts
Water toys in the water at the stern of TITANIA

Water Park
Inflatables are usually a given on board luxury charter yachts but taking it a step further are entire custom made inflatable beach clubs and water parks. Extending out from the swim platform, these parks offer a comprehensive collection of the latest water toys, including anything from slides, sea trampolines and climbing frames to Zorb balls. These are great for keeping the kids (and adults) entertained while taking advantage of the spectacular surroundings of a yachting vacation. The 72m/236’ superyacht TITANIA includes one of the largest water parks on the charter market.

If you are interested in booking any of the yachts mentioned for a private charter vacation, contact your charter broker. Alternatively you can use our unique charter toy search tool to find out which yachts offer the best toys.