we snorkelled and scuba dived on our virgin islands luxury yacht charter

The 5 Best Diving Locations to Experience on your Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

A Virgin Islands luxury yacht charter itinerary is incomplete without a visit to one of the archipelago’s top diving sites. With agreeable water temperatures sitting around 70°F in winter and visibility averaging between 60 to 100 feet, conditions are perfect for a Caribbean adventure this winter.

scuba diving in crane bay on my  virgin islands luxury yacht charter

1. Cane Bay (St. Croix)

Step off the beach and emerge yourself in one of the most captivating diving sites across the Virgin Islands. Running parallel to the north of the shore of St. Croix is large 6 feet wall covered in plate corals, elephant ear sponges and black coral reaching depths of 2,000 feet. Meet schools of horse-eye jacks along the wall, and perhaps even a reef shark or two. Explore Cane Bay nearby to discover large angelfish, stingrays, schools of black durgon and if you look carefully, the occasional seahorse.

scuba diving in st croix on my  virgin islands luxury yacht charter

2. Butler Bay (St. Croix)

Stay in St. Croix and head west to find the famous wrecks of Butler Bay. Before the turn of the century, shipwrecks were sunk here for to create a diving haven for visitors on a Virgin Islands yacht charter. Highlights include the enchanting wreck of 177ft steel-hulled freighter Rosa Maria, home to schools of snappers and reef fish in her bold pink and red sponges. Travel to shallower waters to locate 140ft trawler The Suffolk Maid, another standout wreck that is home to astonishing variety of tropical life.

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