Say Hello to the New High-speed Amphibious Motorcycle

A new two-wheeled motorcycle that you can ride straight down a ramp into the water is the latest concept in amphibious vehicles to make its debut. Known as the Biski, could this be the beginning of the next generation of superyacht charter toys?

Launched at the American International Motorcycle Expo, the Biski can convert into a jet-ski at a touch of a button, retracting its wheels out of the way and switching to jet propulsion. The transformation from road mode to water mode takes less than five seconds, meaning hardly any momentum is lost as it rides in or out of the water.

At home on the water or the road, Biski is a street legal amphibious motorcycle, and looks like a cross between a maxi-scooter and a small jet ski. It features a 55-horsepower, twin cylinder engine that is capable of 80mph on the road or 37 mph on the water.

Behind the new concept is New Zealand-based Gibbs Technologies, who have been selling their Quadski amphibious vehicle for several years now. However, as a four-wheeled vehicle, it cannot be operated on public roads as it does not have the necessary safety equipment for a car.

This means that the Biski, although only a concept for now, will open up unprecedented possibilities for road to water travel. It will be as at home travelling to the supermarket as it will be an exciting toy for your luxury yacht charter.

A compact shape and weighing 228 kilograms, it can also be easily stored on a motor yacht without taking up much space.

For further information on renting a charter yacht with an amphibious motorcycle and similar water toys, please contact your preferred charter broker. Alternatively, take a look at all superyachts available for charter with an amphibious car.

The transformation from road mode to water mode takes less than five seconds.


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