Restoration Work Completed On Damaged Coral Reef

Restoration Work Completed On Damaged Coral Reef

Following the unfortunate damage caused to coral reef in the Cayman Islands last year, Paul Allen’s pioneering Vulcan Inc, along with The Department of Environment, announced the successful completion of their extensive restoration work.

Providing a rapid response to the accident last December, both Vulcan Inc and the Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DoE) agreed to work together to restore the ecosystem just off the shore of the popular charter destination.

Taking place over the course of just 24 days, the teams worked hard to stabilize the structure of the reef to ensure a long term sustainability.

Harold Hudson, an experienced marine professional with a long history of working with coral restoration, commended both teams, saying that their work ‘provides the greatest chance for recovery of the affected area’

Making good use of the latest technology, the collaboration also saw the reattaching of living coral to damaged areas to guarantee a timely yet stable recovery.

Coral Reef Restoration

Such a dedicated effort to restore affected areas of coral reef demonstrates the growing commitment the yachting industry has to the environment

As ambassadors for the ocean’s wellbeing, Vulcan Inc designed and implemented their plan according to strict international standards, and their tireless work has been met with resounding praise.

Going forward, experts from various bodies will be on hand to closely monitor the recovery which is expected to occur gradually over the coming year.

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