Quadski Superyacht Treasure Hunt

Quadski Superyacht Treasure Hunt

Lazy afternoons on your superyacht can come easy - long luxurious lunches on the sun deck, freshly squeezed mimosas and the occasional dip in the tropical waters can be an unbeatable way to spend the day. Yet sometimes you want to pepper your superyacht days with fun and thrills in the sun and a Quadski treasure hunt can be just the thing you need. 

Whether you are spending summers on the golden shores of the Mediterranean or soaking up the exotic side of life in the Caribbean, a treasure hunt can be tailored to keep spirits high. The Quadski is a luxurious new superyacht toy built to deliver high speeds both on land and water. Wheel retraction, innovative designs and top speeds of up to 45 MPH make the Quadski the perfect amphibious vehicle for exploration and treasure hunting. Take a look at these exciting ideas to help you organize the best treasure hunt ever.

A trio of Qaudskis racing on the Caribbean waters
The stunning Eleuthera Beach in the BahamasBoy playing with the famous pigs of Exuma Beach, Bahamas

Set your Rules
Every treasure hunt starts with a few simple rules to get the ball rolling. The first thing to do is to plan out your game. If you have a few superyacht guests on board then you need to decide on the teams, the terms and the area you will cover. Having a time limit can turn the thrill levels on your treasure hunt up a notch, making it a race against time which allows you to incorporate a little light speed into your Quadski adventure.

Quadski treasure hunt map

Place the Clues
The next step in your Quadski treasure hunt adventure will be to place the clues. This is the time to get inspired and to think about placing the clues both on land and in the water. As the Quadski is designed to tackle everything from waves to jungle trails, sand dunes and more, you can get off the beaten track with your clues. The more adventurous your terrain the more challenging the treasure hunt will be.

Quadskis lined up on shore while guests enjoy beach picnic
Beach sign leading to treasure

Pack a Picnic
Turn your treasure hunt into a grand occasion and pack a gourmet picnic to keep the energy levels flowing. Visit the local artisan markets for divine and delectable inspiration or simply ask your superyacht charter chef to rustle you up a beautiful basket filled with goodies.

Racing Quadskis on the open waves

Choose a Fabulous Prize
No treasure hunt would be complete without a perfect prize for finding that all important X marks the spot. Selecting a fabulous prize will really depend on your treasure hunt teams. Charm your guest with a small Tiffany trinket, a vintage bottle of champers or even an exclusive dinner for two at the closest Michelin starred restaurant. 

If you want a Quadski to be a part of your luxury charter vacation, talk to you charter broker for details on yachts that carry them. Alternatively you can use our unique superyacht search tool to browse the range of exciting superyacht toys available on the global fleet.

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Tom  Berchulk

Vice President of Marketing , Gibbs Sports Amphibian

Tom Berchulc is the Vice President of Marketing at Gibbs Sports Amphibian which recently launched the Quadski, the ultimate amphibious vehicle for those who want to experience an adventure on both land and sea.

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