choose santorini and/or mykonos for a greece luxury yacht charter

Planning a Greece Luxury Yacht Charter: Santorini or Mykonos?

The playground of the 1960’s jetset which rose to fame thanks to Jackie O and Grace Kelly - Mykonos is seeing a new breed of A-list step ashore as it affirms its status one of the hottest destinations to visit on a Greece yacht charter. The destination of choice for a fine selection of A-list stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo last year, Mykonos has competition 150km away in its Cycladic sister Santorini – an island enchanting from its rocky clifftops to its sandy, multi-coloured shores.

Amidst the turmoil of Greece’s economic situation, Greek tourism continues to be boosted by visitors captivated by its aqua blue waters, fine cuisine and the charm of its traditional, pastel-coloured villages. To such an extent the country attracted record numbers last year, and was the hottest destination to visit across the whole of Europe.

Thinking ahead to the summer, YachtCharterFleet help you plan that all-important charter itinerary and choose between Santorini and Mykonos below.

enjoy the natural beauty of santorini on a luxury yacht charter in the cyclades

Natural Beauty

Adjectives such as ‘breath-taking’ often come to mind when past visitors reflect upon Santorini’s natural beauty. Cliffs of every colour soar 300 metres from a sea-drowned caldera, with traditional Cycladic homes nested upon the terraces and with tiny islands curling around the western edge. Mykonos is not without its charm, from its picture-perfect beaches to the captivating crescent-shaped bay of Chora – yet it is the sunset on offer in Santorini (best enjoyed in Oia) which clinches this category. The glow of delightful hues of orange and reds combined with rocky landscape is a winning combination.

Winner: Santorini

enjoy the nightlife in mykonos on a luxury yacht charter in the cyclades


Mykonos is renowned as the East Mediterranean’s very own Ibiza, here the champagne can effortless flow until dawn on the island’s famous beaches and open-air clubs. More laid-back than a luxury yacht charter in the Balearics, Mykonos received the vote of approval over Ibiza from DJ Afrojack himself for having that ‘magic’ and can include model Naomi Campbell amongst its fans. More suited for romance than decadence, Santorini has several places to let your hair down but is not famed for its club scene like Mykonos.

Winner: Mykonos

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