Sculpture in Porto Montenegro

Launch Your Adriatic Adventure in Porto Montenegro

Montenegro has firmly cemented itself as one of the most desirable and glamorous yachting vacations in the world and a glittering hotspot in the Mediterranean. The regions spectacular natural beauty, chic café culture and fantastic port combined with non-EU tax breaks make it a yacht charterer’s dream.

With its central Mediterranean location and the Croatian border and Bay of Kotor just 30 minutes away by yacht, Porto Montenegro is the perfect starting off point for an unforgettable Adriatic adventure. The port itself has been continually upgraded to compete with some of the best-equipped marinas in the world and following a recent refurbishment now boasts 490 berths for yachts of all sizes.

Boats and superyachts sit alongside eachother in the Montenegro port.
Mountainous backdrop of Montenegro

The 2013 Mediterranean season saw charter tax rises in countries such as France and Italy yet Montenegro cut theirs to a capped 7% in addition to offering duty-free fuel, further promoting the region as a prime yachting destination. Whether creating an itinerary that encompasses all the delights of Montenegro or using it as a staging post for some Mediterranean exploration, heading towards the breath-taking Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, there are an abundance of treasures to behold on the way.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro
Winding streets full of boutiques and restaurants in the medieval towns of Montenegro
Montenegro's beautiful Bay of Kotor

The UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor is Europe’s southernmost fjord, with sloping mountains covered in forestation and unspoilt medieval towns dotted its coast. The nearby bay of Tivat is another draw for the discerning traveller, its fantastic beaches, bustling café lifestyle and annual cultural events creating a hub of entertainment for a day ashore. The exclusive island retreat of Sveti Stefan meanwhile continues to be a favourite of the superyacht set looking to enjoy the hedonistic atmosphere of old-world glamour and modern luxury.

Montenegro's breath-taking area of Piva

In southwest Montenegro lies Piva, and like many areas in the region including the Durmitor National Park boasts astounding untouched natural beauty. The landscape here is a patchwork of dese forestation and limestone plateaus cut by canyons formed by the Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Susica rivers, forming a system of rivers and deep canyons unlike any other in the world.  

If a kicking off your summer crewed yacht vacation in Montenegro appeals to you then take a look at our photo tour and view all the superyachts that are currently available for Montenegro yacht charter vacations


Ulysse Nardin