Is This The Future Of Superyacht Design?

Is This The Future Of Superyacht Design?

With greater access to technology than ever before, the brains behind leading superyachts appear to be getting increasingly ambitious and ever more creative.

Ever since its creation, the motor yacht has undergone routine developments thanks to the innovations brought about by the industry’s most creative minds. From sophisticated stabilizer systems to dynamic positioning, superyachts have frequently taken advantage of technological advances.

This week, some renderings emerged which appear to show a project which reimagines the form of a traditional superyacht, using a pyramid-like superstructure which houses all of the usual interior spaces.

With a vertical strut leading down to a torpedo shaped hull, the designers behind the project- currently referred to as the ‘Tetrahedron Super Yacht’- suggest that the less than orthodox vessel would not compromise on functionality.

Whilst there are no confirmed details surrounding the yacht’s eventual build, it’s certainly exciting to see one possible direction that the future might take

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