Insider's Tips on Chartering a Superyacht in Malta

Insider's Tips on Chartering a Superyacht in Malta

Malta’s geographical local has ensured that it has played an important role as a naval base and trading port throughout history. These days, it is also the perfect playground for those chartering a superyacht, offering a host of attractions for those enjoying the luxury lifestyle. 

Perfectly placed between Europe and Africa, Malta evinces a captivating combination of the two cultures, alongside some incredible old world architecture that will fascinate visitors and make them keen to know more of this delightful Mediterranean country. To guide your next Maltese charter, Captain Sputh of MY STARFIRE, a 54m/178' luxury superyacht, gives you his insider's tips. 

Charter guest enjoying superyacht STARFIREFresh seafood available in Malta
Beautiful stretch of golden sand along the coast of Malta

Essential experiences
Those chartering in Maltese waters should begin at the country’s northern tip, where the Baia Beach Club offers the ultimate in indulgent experiences. From yoga to spa treatments under the open skies, the emphasis is on relaxation and serenity, while the restaurant’s menu serves a selection of delicious, contemporary seafood dishes.

Head around the coast to Mellieha next, where a selection of exclusive resorts offer all manner of temptations, from golden sands, to crystal clear waters to the fabulous cocktails on offer at Mambo Beach Club.

Colourful fishing boats in the port of Malta
Stunning Maltese historical architecture
Charter guest enjoying a cocktail on board MY STARFIRE

Southern delights
Moving on to Malta’s southern coast, be sure to take in the pretty fishing village of Marsaxlokk, with its stunning church and incredible range of fish restaurants, which make it the perfect place for an afternoon of exploration and soaking up the local culture.

While in the area, the Hagar Qim Neolithic temple at Qrendi, which is one of the oldest religious sites on the planet, is also well worth a visit. The Ghar Dalam cave at the neighbouring town of Birzebbuga is also essential viewing, with a fascinating history that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Drop anchor and indulge in a lengthy al fresco meal on your superyacht for a dining experience with one of the world’s most impressive views.

Captain Sputh

Guest enjoying the views from STARFIRE's decks
Superyacht STARFIRE cruising in MaltaScuba diving in the warm Maltese waters

From the sea
Malta also offers a range of delights that are best enjoyed from the sea, including the stunning cliffs at Dingli, which rise majestically from the water, reminding all those who view them of the exquisite grandeur of nature. Drop anchor and indulge in a lengthy al fresco meal on your superyacht for a dining experience with one of the world’s most impressive views.

Bio: Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of the 52m/178’ MY STARFIRE. When ashore, he enjoys travelling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.

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	The Fortress City of Valletta is affectionately known as &quot;a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen&quot; and is Malta&#39;s beautiful capital city. It is named after its founder, the esteemed Grand Master of the Order of St. John which famously withstood invasion, Jean Parisot de la Valette.Valletta is truly a living, working city and the administrative and commercial heart of the Islands. The stone streets of Valletta &nbsp;have a busy, but exciting vibe, whilst still retaining a timeless atmosphere. &nbsp;</p>
	The magnificent fortress city grew on the arid rock of Mount Sceberras peninsula, which rises steeply from two deep harbours, Marsamxett and the iconic Grand Harbour. Valletta started to be built in 1566 with impressive bastions, forts and a cathedral to be amazingly completed only 15 years later. Known as one of Malta&#39;s more modern cities, it is the perfect city to visit for those looking for an injection of culture on their charter vacation - as it is reknown in Europe for its art scene and worldwide as a heritage site. Visit Valletta and constantly be in awe of one the most concentrated historic areas in the world. &nbsp;</p>
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	This watchtower surrounded by fort St. Angelo tells a story of Malta&#39;s history. Its stone bricks tell the tale of the Knights of St. John who built it to sucessfully resist invasion from the growing Ottoman Empire in the 16th C. The outer bastions and watchtowers which surround the island&#39;s coast are what remains of a Malta&#39;s past, this tower overlooks the Grand Harbour of Valletta - a symbol of contemporary Malta, boosted by trade and trourism brought by cruise ships.&nbsp;<br />
	<br />
	When you first see the natural harbour and imagine Malta&#39;s geographical position, it is clear why the island has been so strategically important throughout time. Aboard a superyacht cruising the Adriatic sea to Valletta, you really get to see how fortress-like the city really is. The harbour is still an artery with a wharf, commerce, cruise ships and luxury yachts so you will immediately find yourself in great company.&nbsp;</p>
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	Gozo&rsquo;s drop into a 20m deep blue void is a renowned geological phenomenon and has long been established as a world-class dive site, with visitors often saying they feel like they are on the edge of the world.&nbsp; Towering above the infamous blue hole, is the Azure Window &ndash; a wonder in its own right, the stone cliff stands uncertainly at 328-foot and unfortunately is expected to collapse in the near future. There is perhaps no better time to plan your next charter vacation in Malta, a diver&rsquo;s mecca with a great history.</p>
	When divers reach the collapsed underwater cave through the 262-foot tunnel, featuring beautiful rock formations, in the enchanting cosy space they are met by an array of marine life including seahorses, lobsters, parrot fish and octopi. Experienced divers can also explore the large cavern at the bottom of the hole. Gozo is the perfect diving destination as it accommodates all levels of divers, with several depths to choose from. Malta&rsquo;s picturesque island manages to offer a stunning natural rock arch, clear blue waters and an underwater doorway leading to the open sea all in one location.</p>
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	A parade like no other, In Guardia Parades re-enact authentic historical events within Malta&rsquo;s most famous fortifications. The re-enactment portrays the inspection of the fort and its garrison by the Grand Bailiff of the Order of the Knights of St. John in charge of military affairs. During the re-enactment, the soldiers and knights of the fort&rsquo;s garrison - some 70 re-enactors &ndash; smartly dressed in genuine uniforms to perform mesmering military drills, demonstrating to the Grand Bailiff the garrison&rsquo;s state of readiness. The show begins at 11.00 a.m. and lasts 40 minutes at&nbsp; St John&#39;s Cavalier, Birgu (Vittoriosa) on most Sundays.</p>
	After the parade, visitors may want to explore the significant historical attractions of Birgu, including the Inquisitors Palace, Maritime Museum, Malta at War Museum and the Collachio area. Or taste the Maltese culture by visiting the country&rsquo;s best market located at Fortini football ground, just outside of town. Later in the evening, unwind in one of Birgu&rsquo;s charming restaurants or coffee shops whilst reflecting on a riveting day of absorbing Maltese culture.</p>
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