Historic Cuban Cruise Given The Green Light

Historic Cuban Cruise Given The Green Light

Following the incredible success of Obama’s visit to Cuba last month, the first cruise from Florida to the island nation has been given the go ahead. The first in fifty years, such a significant event begs the question: what does all of this mean for Cuban luxury yacht charters?

Removing a ban on Cubans entering and leaving by the sea, this week marked the start of a new era of yachting.

Indeed, since the time of the Cold War, laws have stipulated that, for Cuban nationals, the only means of accessing the island nation was via airplane.

Now, with both the US and Cuban governments allowing their citizens to travel by boat, it would appear that we’re on the cusp of a truly flourishing time for luxury yacht charters in Cuba.

Replete with fantastic cruising grounds and with a steadily growing infrastructure, the future for Cuban luxury yacht charters is nothing but bright

The second president to ever visit Cuba, Barack Obama’s visit was hailed as triumphant success, and is something we explored in depth in an earlier blog.

Keen to establish sound relations with his Southern neighbours, Obama was reportedly visiting in order to relieve the longstanding tensions and lay the foundations for a more secure future.

Since the visit, the Rolling Stones have played a sold-out concert, the British foreign secretary has paid a visit, and a number of businesses have cooperated in order to facilitate better international relations.

So, as the historic cruise gets underway on 1st May, the eyes of the industry will assuredly be fixed firmly on Cuba and the countless opportunities it offers to the modern charterer.

In order to find out more about the charter possibilities on offer around Cuba, please feel free to get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all luxury yachts available for charter in Cuba.

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