Five of the Best Mediterranean Diving Locations

Five of the Best Mediterranean Diving Locations

Beyond blazing sunshine, golden beaches, stunning scenery and historic buildings to see along the way of a Mediterranean superyacht vacation, another beautiful world to explore exists beneath your feet. 

For the person who has everything at their fingertips, diving is the perfect adventurous hobby and underwater escape. We have scoured the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean to find the best places to dive for your next charter vacation to explore a myriad of wrecks, secret caverns and array of exotic marine life when you’re not relaxing in the comfort of your yacht. Due to the protection of its waters, the Mediterranean Sea offers some the world’s best diving sites, here are five of the most spectacular. 

1. Kas, Turkey
Located on the South Coast of Turkey, Kas is considered one of the best destinations for scuba diving in the country. It is known to captivate divers with its unique shore, mix of modern and ancient wrecks, mysterious caves, rocky reefs and stunning canyons. Swimming alongside a placid giant sea turtle or the enigmatic Mediterranean monk seal could become your underwater reality on a charter vacation in Turkey. You can also look out for dolphins racing alongside dive boats in the Mediterranean’s turquoise waters. Kas is small, peaceful area that has retained its wonderful Turkish culture.

The waters of Kas boast excellent visibility due to the regulations that ensure extremely high standards of sea cleanliness.Amongst tunnels, caverns and caves, diving in Kas also tells a tale of its history. A breath-taking drop into the dark blue of its canyon will take you to a secret cave and an undisturbed shipwreck. Sitting in the ocean are a plethora of vessels just waiting to be explored – some originating from WW2.

2. Blue Hole -  Dwejra, Gozo
Gozo’s drop into a 20m deep blue void is a renowned geological phenomenon and has long been established as a world-class dive site, with visitors often saying they feel like they are on the edge of the world.  Towering above the infamous blue hole, is the Azure Window – a wonder in its own right, the stone cliff stands uncertainly at 328-foot and unfortunately is expected to collapse in the near future. There is perhaps no better time to plan your next charter vacation in Malta, a diver’s mecca with a great history.

When divers reach the collapsed underwater cave through the 262-foot tunnel, featuring beautiful rock formations, in the enchanting cosy space they are met by an array of marine life including seahorses, lobsters, parrot fish and octopi. Experienced divers can also explore the large cavern at the bottom of the hole. Gozo is the perfect diving destination as it accommodates all levels of divers, with several depths to choose from. Malta’s picturesque island manages to offer a stunning natural rock arch, clear blue waters and an underwater doorway leading to the open sea all in one location.

3. Secca Della Colombara & Lo Scoglia del Medico - Ustica, Italy
Once described as the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean by Jacques Cousteau, the Marine Reserve of Ustica is truly the home of Italian diving. So much so, that they hold a festival dedicated to celebrating diving each summer. Due to the striking colour of its volcanic rocks, the charming island is labelled the ‘Black Pearl of the Mediterranean.’ Its best sites for a charter vacation are by far along the beautiful underwater West walls.

Some thirty seven miles north from Sicily, lay the clear waters of Secca Della Colombara. A spectacle to behold, the underwater colourful wall is adorned with an unbelievable range of shades of orange and pink. As you reach the end, you see a wreck inhabited by circling shoals of Mediterranean barracuda. 

See the light bursting through the holes of an astonishing 70m cavern at the nearby Doctor’s Rock (Lo Scoglia del Medico). Expect to be joined underwater in Ustica by grouper, the rare mussel Pinna nobilis, nudibranchs, amberjacks, dentex amongst many other magnificent shoals of fish. A particular highlight is the delightful red Gorganians on the walls and on the rocky backs, which open their fans to greet you as you swim by. The islands moderate current means everyone can join in on the fun.

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