Could Amphibious Tenders Revolutionize Superyacht Charter Vacations?

Could Amphibious Tenders Revolutionize Superyacht Charter Vacations?

Currently in production, the range of amphibious tenders from Iguana Yachts could well bring an entirely new dimension to the experience of a private yacht charter vacation.

Capable of entering and exiting the water in style, the sleek amphibious tenders from Iguana Yachts totally shatter the boundaries between ocean and mainland.

Indeed, with the ability to effortlessly roll onto a sandy beach after travelling across a stretch of water, those on board can enjoy a seamless transition when arriving at their destination.

The implications this has for superyacht charter vacations, is, of course, significant. Specifically, this kind of tender would allow guests to explore in greater comfort and exceptional ease.

Since the launch of its first amphibius tender back in 2011, the French shipyard has since produced a number of models which range from the ‘Classic’ to ‘Adventure’ and ‘Expedition’.

Powered by high performing technology, the amphibius tenders are nonetheless designed with luxury in mind.

The use of gold trim and inviting leather seating, for example, is very much aligned with even the most glamorous motor yachts and sailing yachts currently on the water.

Opening up a whole new world of possibilities, the amphibius tender promises to enhance the overall experience of a luxury yacht charter vacation

Another advantage of the amphibius tender is the speed at which she cuts through the water- capable of reaching highs of 40 knots once the land gear is fully stowed away, there’s no denying that it makes sure that those on board make an entrance whilst getting places quickly.

Thanks to the variety of models on offer, it’s also possible to acquire a tender which best suits the need of a given superyacht- an ‘Expedition’ version for an explorer yacht and a ‘Classic’ for a motor yacht, for instance.

With the shipyard recently announcing that it achieved a considerable amount of funding, the future of amphibious tenders looks to be incredibly bright.

In order to find out more regarding the charter yachts which currently offer an amphibious tender to guests, be sure to get in touch with your preferred charter broker.