10 of the Best Beaches in the Bahamas

10 of the Best Beaches in the Bahamas

A luxury yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean provides the perfect opportunity to discover the incredible assortment of stunning beaches in the Bahamas.

World-renowned as one of the most striking and popular charter destinations on the planet, the Bahamas comprises of more than 700 islands and holds a myriad of exquisite alabaster sand beaches to explore. Spreading over a distance of 258,998 square km in the western Atlantic Ocean, you will never have trouble finding the perfect beach in this breath-taking region.

To give you a helping hand and to enable you to save time when you’re there, we have listed some of the best beaches in the region below:

Empty white sandy beach with beautiful blue water
Hut looking out over Cabbage Beach, Bahamas
Rocky line leading into the sea on Cabbage Beach

CABBAGE BEACH - Paradise Island
With a Vegas feel to it, most of the sunbathers on Cabbage Beach seem to doze on the sand to recover from the previous night's partying. Unfortunately, it tends to be quite busy as it is close to the mega-hotels, but you will most likely discover more solitude on the beach's northwestern extension, Paradise Beach, which can only be accessed by yacht or on foot.

View of Saddle Cay from a yacht

Though most of the Exumas are oval-shaped islands strung tip to tip like links in a 209km chain, Saddle Cay is a horseshoe-shaped bay located near the Exumas’ northern tip. Reachable only by yacht, it is an untouched paradise with not even a hint of the modern world. With plenty of other cays and islets nearby, you will be kept occupied for hours.

Aerial view of Cat Island with yachts nearby
Stunning turquise waters of Cat Island, Bahamas
Port Royal Beach, Cat Island

CAT ISLAND - Southern Bahamas
Cat Island holds some of the best beaches in the Southern Bahamas. Featuring unspoiled alabaster sand, the pristine beaches encircling this island are lined with coconut palms, palmettos, and casuarina trees and open out onto crystal clear waters. With so many beaches to choose from, be sure to bring everything you need with you from your charter yacht as none of the Cat Island beaches have any facilities. They do however, offer peace, quiet, and seclusion.

Sugar Caves on Berry Islands
Aerial view of Coco Cay, Berry Islands

Swim-ashore beaches, championship sport fishing and stunning golf courses are just a handful of features that make the Berry Islands so popular. A favourite among holidaymakers, this cluster of 30 cays is mostly uninhabited meaning it is not uncommon to stumble across a completely empty beach or cove. This coastline was the location of the very first settlement on The Bahamas and is right next to Great Harbour Cay, with its seven miles of unbroken beautiful beaches.

Tender on the sand at Tahiti Beach
Hands making the shape of a heart on Tahiti Beach
The nose of a tender on Tahiti Beach, Bahamas

TAHITI BEACH - Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abacos
Just off Abacos Island is Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay. This idyllic area remains wonderfully concealed from tourists that visit the area due to the fact that you cannot drive to it. The beach is extremely isolated at the far end of the island, meaning only a handful of people will ever visit it. Boasting cool waters and white sands, you have to walk or ride a bike along sand and gravel paths from Hope Town to get here or charter a yacht and use the tender to reach the beach.

Curved shore of Xanadu Beach in the Bahamas

XANADU BEACH - Grand Bahama Island
Xanadu Beach holds more than a kilometre of white sand and generally has a gentle surf. There a plenty of activities and watersports to do here, including parasailing, banana boat rides and jet skiing or you can relax and enjoy a tropical drink at the outdoor bar and grill. You won’t have this beach to yourself, but if you want more quiet and solitude, try heading to any of the beaches that stretch from Xanadu for miles in either direction.

Two heart-shaped shells on Pink Sands Beach
People relaxing on Pink Sands Beach
Dried coral washed up on Pink Sands Beach

PINK SANDS BEACH - Harbour Island, Eleuthera
No visit to the Bahamas would be complete without a visit to Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island. Running the entire length of the island's eastern side, these pale-pink sands stretch for 5km and are protected from breakers by a stunning coral reef, making for some of the safest swimming in the Bahamas. Warm clear waters here provide excellent diving and fishing while outlying reefs are great for swimming and snorkelling.

Aerial view of Stocking Island in the Bahamas

One of the most supreme white sandy beaches in The Bahamas lies off the archipelago's main harbour, Elizabeth Harbour, close to the small capital of George Town on Great Exuma Island. Stocking Island can be easily reached by yacht and the beaches of this offshore island are seldom busy. Popular with snorkellers and divers who love to explore its clear waters, the island is known for its powdery white sand beaches, blue holes, coral gardens, and undersea caves.

Tree overhanging Ten Bay Beach in the Bahamas
Roccky outcrop on Ten Bay Beach
Sunset from Ten Bay Beach

TEN BAY BEACH – Eleuthera
Ten Bay Beach is located a short drive south of Palmetto Point, just north of Savannah Sound. In years gone by, the exclusive Cotton Bay Club built a hotel here because of the stunning scenery. Though the hotel closed and there are no facilities here now, the alabaster sands and turquoise waters here are more idyllic and secluded than ever.

View of the curved shoreline on Cable Beach
Sunbather relaxing on a sun lounger on Cable Beach
View of the sea from Cable Beach

CABLE BEACH - New Providence Island
The sparkling shoreline of Cable Beach is world famous for its glittering sand and crystal clear waters. Offering easy access to shops, casinos, restaurants, watersports, and bars, a myriad of upscale resorts line the beach making it the ultimate playground for soaking up the sun. A 6.5km stretch of sand, there is a fantastic range of facilities and activities here.

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