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If you would like to become a Yacht Charter Blog contributor then send us some information and examples of your work and we’ll get in touch!


Become a Guest Blogger

At Yacht Charter Blog, we are always looking for passionate and insightful guest bloggers to create engaging content on a variety of subjects. As one of the internet’s definitive resources for information on luxury yacht charter, we aim to provide accurate, well-written articles to the discerning traveller.

Therefore, what we need from our guest contributors is original, exciting blog ideas across a wide range of themes including reviews, interviews, experiences and guides that will appeal to our luxury charter yacht based audience. Our blogs also need to be genuinely useful to our readers so what we don’t want are subjects that have been covered time and time again, taking into account topics that are relevant to the luxury yachting industry.

By becoming one of our guest bloggers you will be provided with your own profile page which will enable readers to follow your work and interact with you directly. If you are an experienced blogger, journalist, writer or travel expert and you feel that you can offer everything mentioned above then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with some information about yourself, what you do and some examples of your work and we can go from there.

As a contributor:

  • You have the opportunity to get your articles published on one of the leading yacht charter websites.
  • Your published blog posts will be laid out similarly to this example.
  • Each article will include your details and a link to your full contributor profile.
  • Your full contributor profile page will be featured on our main site under the category of Yacht Charter Fleet Contributors which can then be link to your own website.
  • Our readers will be able to follow your work and contact you directly through your profile page.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Yacht Charter Blog is a worldwide portal for luxury travel and the yachting industry so appropriate language, opinions and content is crucial.
  • Anything that could be deemed an outright attack on an individual or organisation is not acceptable.
  • Guest bloggers will be set up with their own individual profile page where readers can follow you, so overt product placement in articles is unnecessary and not appropriate.
  • No duplicate content – we will check for plagiarism and cross posting and any posts found to be copied will not be published.
  • Don’t make any statements you can’t back up, the content you provide needs to be useful, well-researched and informed.
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